Tip Tuesday: Quick Crop

Over the next few weeks, our weekly tips will be focusing on how to do quick, simple edits of your images with Aviary's tools! [youtube width="550" height="344"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsfCxtSf6q4[/youtube]

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Documentation added for Raven, Peacock, Talon and Toucan!

mpeutz, recently let me know that he and some other aviators had just completed user-generated comprehensive documentation for 4 of the 5 currently released Aviary apps. This is an awesome example of why we love the Aviary community so much!

Meowza designed a special graphic for the occasion:

You can browse to the documentation by going to this link directly:
or under the Help > Documentation menu when logged into Aviary. From this page you can choose which tool you want more information on. We'll also connect this directly to the applications for a future release to help you find answers as you are working.

Quick Links for the Lazy

* Peacock Effects Editor documentation
* Talon Screen Capture Firefox Extension documentation
* Toucan Color Palette Editor documentation
* Raven Vector Editor documentation

Once again, a big thank you to mpeutz , Lyxs and copper (and anyone else involved directly or indirectly) for your incredible work on putting this together. We and the rest of the community can't thank you enough!]]