Tip Tuesday - Toucan Color Palettes

This week's tip is the last in the Smart Layer series. Though it technically isn't a real smart layer, the Toucan palette importer will allow you to have instant access to your saved Toucan colors in other applications, just like a smart layer! [youtube width="550" height="344"][/youtube]

Edit Alberta J. Ellybeans, Win an Aviary Gift Pack!

Your task is to give this baby elephant a friend, a companion, maybe a tree, maybe a shirt, a hat, some new shoes?? A rainforest in the background??? Simply put, it’s a FREE-4-ALL! Add anything to this image! To start, open up the file created by Aviary superstar Flavia. Then click on ‘Open in Vector Editor’

Once your creation is finished, add a link to our Facebook Post. (You must ‘like’ the Aviary page to post a link)

The contest will end on Monday, May 9th, at 5PM EST. The winner will be chosen based on how creative or jaw-dropping their creation is, and will receive and Aviary t-shirt + more!!!

Need a quick refresher on how to use our vector editor? Click here


UPDATE 5/10/2011 - Winner winner, chicken dinner! Congrats to Ozzybear for giving Alberta J Ellybeans one sweet habitat!

Documentation added for Raven, Peacock, Talon and Toucan!

mpeutz, recently let me know that he and some other aviators had just completed user-generated comprehensive documentation for 4 of the 5 currently released Aviary apps. This is an awesome example of why we love the Aviary community so much!

Meowza designed a special graphic for the occasion:

You can browse to the documentation by going to this link directly:
or under the Help > Documentation menu when logged into Aviary. From this page you can choose which tool you want more information on. We'll also connect this directly to the applications for a future release to help you find answers as you are working.

Quick Links for the Lazy

* Peacock Effects Editor documentation
* Talon Screen Capture Firefox Extension documentation
* Toucan Color Palette Editor documentation
* Raven Vector Editor documentation

Once again, a big thank you to mpeutz , Lyxs and copper (and anyone else involved directly or indirectly) for your incredible work on putting this together. We and the rest of the community can't thank you enough!]]

Just follow my hues


Click the image for a larger version.

This is another sample of the artwork from our upcoming ad campaign, by Meowza. This is for Toucan, our color swatch generator. We are basing this particular piece on Roy Lichtenstein's famous modern art style, seen here in Hopeless. We're also tweaking those famous Fruit Loops commercials in the process.

Lichtenstein was famous for borrowing pop culture and comic books (bad) art styles and making it into something good, primarily through blowing it up.

Before deciding to go with Lichtenstein for Toucan's campaign, we experimented with an impressionism style, specifically that of Claude Monet.


Click the image for a larger version.

You can see the pointed brush strokes that mark Monet's style in this closeup:

Unfortunately, we realized that while this work was stunning and will look great on canvas it didn't really work as well as part of an advertisement.

Both Toucan art pieces will be available for sale in our market as a poster, with ad copy and without.

P.S. I did promise that the next post would be a full Phoenix feature list and we have been working on that (you'll see why the post has been taking so long in the next couple of days), but I didn't want to wait too long between updates, especially as we have a lot more news to share this week.]]