The Blackbox Collection: Glare

One of the many awesome features of our suite of design tools is Blackboxes. What are Blackboxes, you say? Well, they're about the coolest thing since the interwebs. :) No, seriously. Blackboxes are effects that can be applied to any of your images. They are simple to use and can add a ton of complexity to your images. They're built in Peacock, but can actually be used in conjunction with the other tools. We realized what a pity it is that so many users are unaware of or intimidated by Blackboxes, so we're starting a new blog series. Each week we'll be showcasing a new Blackbox. Our goal is to help you gain a collection of Blackboxes that will be simple, useful, and a lot of fun.

If you're not sure what to do, check out this beginner tutorial on how to use Blackboxes!

This week's Blackbox is the Glare Blackbox. It will add a glow and streaky light effect to your image. This one was inspired by the lens flares from the latest Star Trek movie. Try it on your images, it's a ton of fun!