The Blackbox Collection: Submerge

This week's blackbox will give your images the look of being submerged underwater. With a cool gradient overlay, bubbles and light rays, you can sink your landscapes deep underwater or create an undersea background. It seems initially like a niche effect, but it can also be used as a cool toning overlay. Experiment with the parameters to find new and inventive ways to use this filter.

To use this effect, search for "submerge" in the Blackbox browser (Go to File -> Import Blackbox) and start making awesome creations!

BB1 - Submerge.egg by mpeutz on Aviary BB2 - Submerge.egg by mpeutz on Aviary BB3 - Submerge.egg  on Aviary

If you're not sure what to do, check out this beginner tutorial on how to use Blackboxes!