The Chrome Web Store Launches

Chrome Web Store has officially launched! The Chrome Web Store is an online marketplace where users can search, browse and use web-based applications and extensions. From productivity tools to research sites to interactive games, the Chrome Web Store helps users find the best applications on the web.

Google's New Web Store Icon

What does this mean for us?

All our apps, including our new HTML5 Photo Editor, as well as our audio and image editors will be showcased in the store! It'll be a great and easy way for users to find us.

"The web has become an incredibly powerful platform for innovation, allowing users to do much more online than they ever imagined," said Sundar Pichai, VP of product management for Google Chrome. "The Chrome Web Store showcases the power of the open web and we're excited to have Aviary as a part of it."

We're just as happy as Sundar, and looking forward to the possibilities!