The New Yorker Contest

New Yorker & our sister site Worth1000 have joined forces and have created a Caption Contest 2.0 of sorts; Where you are given the pieces to make a cartoon, you decide which characters go where, add speech bubbles, a dash of wit, -- bam! you're in cartoon city.

You can make your entry in Photoshop, or using Aviary's Image Editor (Phoenix).

The cartoon with the most votes and an editor's pick will be featured on, and the creator will receive a copy of The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker, signed by the cartoon editor, Robert Mankoff. You will probably also become famous, leave your loved one for some young movie star, and forget where you came from. People will see you on T.V. and say, "Man, he used to be about the cartoons. Look at him now. Disgusting."

My personal favorites that were created so far include:

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