The Power of Improvising

Man-made objects and tools are often designed and created based on a specific need. They are produced to help a certain group of people obtain or achieve a specific goal.

What happens when we start seeing these tools and objects in a different way?

A month ago it was pouring rain and since it's summer I tend to forget about bad weather in the city. I went to have lunch and came back to the office soaking wet, and thought for a second about how good it would feel to take off my shoes and put on some nice dry ones. It was my first week at the office and I was still a little shy about everything, but I knew I had to take my shoes off no matter what! (PS: I sit next to my boss.)

I went to the restroom to think how I could solve this little problem, took my shoes off and tried drying them with a paper towel (of course it didn't make any difference besides filling my shoes with pieces of paper). I stopped and thought, Ah! This is it! I am making myself Bounty slippers! I stepped out of the restroom, got some tape, went back into the restroom and made my comfy, dry new slippers. To my surprise, my boss complimented me on them, and applauded what he calls my "MacGyver" qualities!

I'm writing about this story because I work in the creative business. I know what it's like to want all those pretty icons on your desktop and all the latest Mac products to design. But the truth is, if you are really someone creative, you work with what you have and what's available for you in that moment. The lack of tools or budget should never keep anyone from creating. If you can look at things without underestimating them or judging their purpose, you can probably find new unexpected solutions!]]