The Sound of Music Premieres

Maria von Trapp (the main character, who is based off a real woman) published a memoir in 1949 entitled The Story of the Trapp Family Singers. The writers and composers of this popular broadway took her book on, but ignored the majority of her story. This naturally caused tension and dismay to the real Maria von Trapp and her stepchildren, but regardless, the Sound of Music became an instant smash hit. With popular songs like "Do Re Mi" and "My Favorite Things" (click to listen to an awesome Pomplamoose remix), the album, which was released after the premiere, rose to the top of the Billboard charts. At Aviary, we encourage each other to be as creative as possible, whether it's with art or music, and in recognition of this amazing musical's debut, we want you to get energized and enlightened as you create your own musical masterpieces in Roc.