The Weekly Birdbath April 10th - 16th

April 10th - 16th


Bluelizarda self confessed awesome person and who am I to disagree! stop by the Bluelizard gallery you wont be disappointed with this great array of phoenix and peacock creations

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Super awesome post by Mr Katz on how to get custom fabric printed with your Aviary creations from Spoonflower.

Tip - Increase layer opacity by Yotambonehbait

There are times when you wish you could heighten a layer's opacity without having to duplicate it multiple times and merging. Thanks to a bug in phoenix's eraser tool, you can! All you need to do is select some empty space on the layer, and erase outside the selection.

Also, if you have a tablet, you don't even need to make a selection, set one of the buttons to left click, and then press both the pen on the tablet and the button on empty space.