The Weekly Birdbath April 17th - 23rd

April 10th - 16th


Unassuming, not pushy yet in his own quiet way Beanepatch is racking up some amazing creations. Learning as he goes and trying everything I know you are going to enjoy his gallery. Stop by, say hello and be inspired. Here are somr favs:

The newDraft/Publish feature was released this week. This makes it easier to share your creations on Flickr and Facebook.

Aviary now has a Facebook application! Start editing you images straight from your Facebook photo albums.

Happy Earthday

Tip - Setting Connector Pins in Aviary"s effects editor

Organize the connector lines with in Aviary's effects editor by setting pins. In complicated files you may have several connector lines close to or even crossing over each other. You can move them out of the way by setting connector pins. A connector pin is an anchor point that the connector line will lock to. To set a pin, hover over a connector line, then click on it when it is highlighted, which will add a pin. Now you can drag that pin and the connector line out of your way. To delete a pin select it and press the delete button.