The Weekly Birdbath April 24th - 30th

April 24th - 30th


At first glance of Kintsao's work its clear it is something special. He has a deft eye for compositions and skill with the vectors, making portraits, poster, and book cover illustrations. There may only be few creations in his gallery but all are spectacular, don't miss it.

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Aviary has teamed up with Mad Decent for an exciting remix contest for Yeasayer's hot new single O.N.E.

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Tip - Smudge tool cloning by Yotambonehbait

From Yotam "At first sight it [the smudge tool] seems to be one of the most disappointing tool in the program, compared to Photoshop's smudge tool. But I've discovered that if you know how to use it, it can be a very powerful cloning tool.
First rule: Don't drag the brush on the image, but instead draw quick, light strokes, Starting at the texture you're sampling, and ending at the place you want the texture to be.
Second rule: keep the brush set to a low hardness (opacity). the smoother you want your texture to come out, the lower your the hardness needed.
Third rule: the lower the hardness, the more strokes and quicker movements you need"

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