The Weekly Birdbath April 3rd - 9th

April 3rd - 9th


>Leakime This talented artist is equally creative in all apps and you'll enjoy his gallery. Leakime also draws well which makes for some cool Raven creations. Some favorites:

If you haven't already seen it Check out this staff spotlight interview with our fearless leader Avi

Check out some of these egg-celent images from the Easter round up.

Critiquing you own work using the MRZMFGTI method. (Patent pending)

Curious about our online vector editor's various file types? Alessandro explains which are supported by Raven.

Tip - Close path in Aviary's online vector editor

In the last update of Aviary's online vector editor, the close path feature was added. Now when you have an open path (has a break) selected, choosing the Freehand or Bezier tool will highlight the end vertices. This allows any new path draw between these two vertices to close the path (make it continuous). Make sure the vertex is highlighted in red when starting and finishing you connecting path or it won't close.