The Weekly Birdbath August 7th - 13th

August 7th - 13th

Myna Mix of the Week:
Cyberwolf joined us way back in November 2009 (which is a long time ago in bird years!), and has created some Myna mixes that you have to listen to over and over again and then finally give up and download. One of our favorites of his is called "Get Up". This is a great metal oriented score with special effects and Amy Lee style (who?) keyboards that you will want to listen to while enjoying this week's Birdbath.

Roc Beat of the Week:

Can you load custom audio tracks into Roc? Can you set up cascading and parent/child tracks? Can you make several Roc tracks, then import them all into yet another totally new Roc beat? Rootstorm lets us know that the answer to all those questions is a resounding "yes!". Keep your ears open on this really really cool mix containing the acoustic drum kit, piano chords, a superb bass line and just oh so much more!


In the true spirit of Aviary, this weeks artist of the week, James3enjoys the Peacock challenges, using the opportunity to create some unique images. Always seeming to push himself further with each creation, James' gallery shows an artist taking chances and having fun. If you are not familiar with James3, it will be well worth your time to check out his gallery. Some favorites:

This weeks challenges are set by staff wandercreatures DIY Panda & Elephant and Aviary Egg Papertoy these challenges are so much fun you really must join in :)

Tip - On screen adjustments

This is a new feature that was quietly added into Peacock, Aviary's effects editor. You can set the Coons Patch hub via on-screen controls! No more fiddling with the anchor and tangent sliders. To start using these controls set the hub's dimensions to 100% by right clicking on it to bring up the context menu and select Resize to 100%. You should now see the control handles that will allow you to manipulate the Coons Patch mesh.