The Weekly Birdbath for April 16th - 22nd

April 16th - 22nd

Aviary enjoys the company of truly gifted individuals - vector manipulation artists, image editing gurus, effects wizards, and musicians that make your heart soar. What is even more rare is an artist who is a growing whiz at both art and sound... those kinds are almost Unique.

Uni93 (that would be Unique) is one of those types. Originally from Germany, she now lives in the U.S. state of Georgia. Since December of last year, uni has become a colorful Phoenix phanatic, a Myna marvel, and a Roc star. Plus, a real bundle of energetic enthusiasm in the forums and groups! You'll find pretty pictures, amazing audio, and positive posts from this wonderful frequenter of the flock. We are super glad to have her as a part of the community!

This week's challenge is the 2nd annual Earthday poster creation. Mizagorn invited us simply to put your best foot forward and contribute to the recognition of Earth Day. Though the challenge was cut a bit short due to this week's Amazon EC2 problems, there are some wonderful creations.

Some of our faves:

Zoomin Adds Aviary Filter Effects to Their Facebook App

This week's Blackbox is the specialized egg maker filter.

Tip - Image Picker

The image picker in our color editor (Toucan) allows you to sample colors directly from an image. This tool is super handy when you are trying to match colors from a website, sample colors from a photo, or just find out what color is in your favorite image.

To start, import an image into Toucan by clicking on the import image button ; this will open the standard Aviary importer. Once your image is in Toucan, it will be displayed in the image picker area. Hovering over the image will display the color of the pixel under the cursor, in the box next to the image. Clicking on the image will push that color to the palette above. Finally, if you want to simplify the colors in the image you can use the Pixel Width control to average the colors into larger pixels. The image picker tools in Toucan make it easy to match colors across different creations and projects, and all the colors you sample can be made into reusable color palettes. Very cool!