The Weekly Birdbath for April 23 -29

April 23rd - 29th

Even though some of us have been gone from Aviary for a while at one time or another, perhaps because of work or school, we all still find ourselves back here: either because we all care about each other, or  because our friends are here, or... maybe just because of the opportunities for creative expression that Aviary offers, and we just can't stay away from the excitement!

While we're talking about that, here's a wonderful example. Does anyone know what a stryomus is? Hint: think love of a quick cup of java mixed with a passion for creative audio.

We can't say enough about the true gifts styromus has in all things Aviary. Not only is he a mentor and trainer throughout the forums, he is quite possibly the best pure Roc and Myna musician/creator/producer we have yet heard. This amazing artist creates neuron-blowing audio in a wide spectrum of formats each time he publishes. Friendly, helpful, sharing, funny and massively talented... this is a guy you definitely want to get to know.

Some audio you will definitely add to your playlist:

This week's challenge is All Apps using this resource, set by Redstar. And wow, omg, how many amazing images can you make from a Milk bottle?! Well apparently loads - you guys rock! BUT there's always room for more, so come and join the fun. Some of our faves:

We have a new blog. It looks a lot like the old one, but the guts are brand new. This will make it way easier on us to post and update, the comments are back, and we've added some fun little Easter eggs (see what we did there?) you might find as you're exploring. Check it out!

Are you so intent on your art or music that your brain needs a break while your subconscious processes? Try these diversionary MPAG's (Massively Popular Aviary Games) for a quick distraction:

New to Aviary? Please introduce yourself and let us know a little something... Plus, learn deep, dark and awesome secrets about other Aviary peeps!

One common question we get a lot at Aviary is "How do I change colors in a photo?" jeffdoute give lots of helpful links to info on changing eyes, hair, skin... and finishing touches! Be sure to check this out if you want to become a picture manipulation expert.

Tip - Color Sliders

Our swatch editor, Toucan has a picker and color sliders that allow you to set precise colors sample. The controls are broken up in a color picker window and thirteen sliders representing four different color spaces. The Color Picker Window is an area where colors can be sampled. The vertical orientation controls the value, and the horizontal controls the saturation. Under this is an area where you can define the color with a hexadecimal color code Hexadecimal colors are used in most web based applications. The four colors space sliders are linked and will show you what the closest representation of the color sample in each. The four color spaces are HSV, RGB, CMYK, and HSL.

  • HSV is Hue, Saturation and Value.
  • RGB is Red Blue and Green. (This is an additive method used in computer screens and light projections.)
  • CMYK is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key. (This is an subtractive method used in mixing paints and print processes.)
  • HSL is Hue, Saturation and Lightness.