The Weekly Birdbath for April 2nd - 8th

April 2nd - 8th

With the recent release of so many new Instrument Folders into Roc, there has been quite a bit of excitement. The new mixes are coming out fast and furious, and we're having a hard time deciding what to feature this week because there is so much great stuff!!

If you have been experiencing any temporary glitches in saving or mixing your music, please be patient! :) Put in a support ticket if you'd like, or search the forums for related issues. There is even more cool stuff being worked on right now that will be released in the not too distant future.. trust us, it will be well worth any minor hassles you might have had. ^_^

So, we all know bassp, right? Did you know that she is also quite the Roc artist? Since this is her first attempt, and it is pure vocal bliss, there was no way we could not feature such a stirring and heavenly piece this week.

Pushing the envelope yet again and exploring higher levels of integrating Roc into Myna with outside the box effects, Jdogg247 has MC'd a wild ride through the jungle that is fantastically intriguing. Don't miss out on this one, or we'll be sending lions and tigers and bears after you. Oh my!

This challenge has not had many entry's as of yet. but it is one of our fave photo effects and we would love to see loads more ! so come and join the fun in this Phoenix challenge: Out of Bounds

just some of your awesome creation....

This awesome tricked out optical illusion was created for the Peacock: What If contest on Worth100 by our very own Stevek , not only did it make 3rd place but it has also been awarded Picture of the day and an exceptional skill award. so congratulations Steve !

A new world by AK_Thower

This weeks Blackbox is Mario's Funhouse, it's a blast!

One of our newest groups, For the Musically Inclined (FTMI), stays very alive, active and exciting. Fly higher and deeper with Aviary's music apps and join the fun!

Promote your music creations!
Play the Word Association game
♫ Give a hollah! to and get background on the newest members!

Tip - Color Formulas

Toucan has a great color formula system that makes it quick and easy to create great color palettes. There are six color formulas to choose from, each producing a different color scheme based off of a single color sample. To try them out, first choose a color formula. Depending on the formula, you may have several parameters to adjust the colors further. Next, pick a base color in the color wheel. The base color and the resulting subordinate colors will be displayed to the left, on the color wheel. When you are satified with the colors, you can push them directly to the color palette above by pressing the To Palette button


Try out this awesome feature and start making color palettes to use within the other apps! It's especially useful for web design :)

Learn more about the color app Toucan.