The Weekly Birdbath for April 30th - May 6th

April 30th - May 6th by Cobra405/Mizagorn/Redstar/Mpeutz




Here's a simple but beautiful and eloquent mix using Roc's moving harp instrument. Alpha13Wolf created this for us to be motivated for the Roc Art Challenge (see below).

We don't think there's anything malfunctioning about this MC'd marvel. Sounds more like a full-blown studio production to us! Jdogg247 entered this in the Myna Mashup contest at Worth1000, using fantastic clip trimming and panning effects. Check it, yo!

The most recently ended contest sponsored by our sister site, Worth1000, involved a simple rule: create an abstract piece of art using Peacock. And the response was fantastically impressive!! Thanks to every who voted - it was a close race!

Hurry, only one more day left to put your entry into the Peacock: Play With Noise contest!


Although only with Aviary a few months, locochika_69 has been enthusiastic enough to create 21 pages of multifarious, heterogeneous and eclectic art, with a few different things thrown in for good measure. And 61 stars already!

Using Phoenix as her tool of choice, locochika has developed a skillful proficiency in photo and image manipulation to create some quite interesting results, based usually on people and nature. Plus, you're really gonna like her very cool Peacock compositions!

Our chika is wonderfully active in challenges, games and forums. Among a few others (like getting familiar with Raven and Phoenix), most of her goals are simple: get stars! We're betting she's going to add this AotW recognition to her profile page as well. Congratz! ^_^

You'd be loco not to check out this chika:

Redstar set a Roc Art Challenge about a month ago to celebrate the diversity of all the new Roc instruments available. The goal: create art inspired by music created in Aviary. The results are amazing, especially when paired with the music. Be sure to visit the challenge... there is more music available for you to be inspired by. Or select other music by an Aviary artist using Roc to motivate your own artistic creation! Or create your own Roc music for other artists to dream about! It's all good! ^_^

Sometimes, things outside Aviary are either too interesting, provocative or heartfelt to not talk about within Aviary...


~Recent tornadoes in Alabama. ~Anime/Anime RP Fans, hear here!

And awesome and awe-inspiring news about just-released additional and updated features in Roc, Myna, Phoenix and Raven!


Tip - Smart Layers

The smart layers in Aviary's applications are incredibly powerful features. They virtually combine all of the applications into one huge editor. You can create and use smart layers between the main graphic editors - Phoenix, Raven and Peacock - and in our experimental version of Myna, you can create and edit Roc beats à la Smart Layers. To try them out, look for the smart layer commands in the layers panel option of Phoenix and Raven, in the Resources tab in Peacock, or under the file menu in Myna. In the coming weeks, the Tuesday tips will be dedicated to helping you learn how to use smart layers to the fullest. Now let's get started creating with smart layers!