The Weekly Birdbath for April 9th - 15th

April 9th - 15th

Did you know that Aviary has a sibling? Yep, it's called Worth1000, and while we here at Aviary don't go for contests so much (we like challenges, where we can all learn and everyone's a winner), Worth1000 is starting to promote some exciting contests using Aviary apps exclusively. So, keep in mind - no contests with prizes at Aviary, but you can (and should) use Aviary tools to enter Worth1000 contests. Got it? ^_^

The current contest: use Myna to make a mashup of tracks from SoundCloud. The results are in, and the first music contest on Worth1000 is complete (thank you cobra405!), and we have a winner, and we're just so excited, and... well, you know how it goes! Hearty congrats to Aviary music superstar styromus for getting the highest entry ratings - a very hard to attain 8.17 out of 10 on his first place winning. styromus is going to really enjoy the $10,000 prepaid VISA debit card and a choice of Elvis look-a-like JP's in Vegas for when he renews his vows! Yay!

Not really (sorry styro)... but standing O, arms waving, and Bic's are flicking in celebration of all the Worth-y entrants. Thank you all very much for participating! Take note - more contests coming up... stay auto-tuned.

Top Rating: Someone Else - by styromus

Worth1000 shakers and movers from this week :)
Photogami contest, congrats to eelay on your first place with this stunning colorful bird. Also congrats to Beanepatch for a very we deserved 2nd in Peacock: abstract free for all !

Aviary enjoys the company of a veritable plethora of artists of all types and skill levels. Members of our flock who stay with us continue to grow in their skill sets, and it's a treat every day to see such wonderful progress!

One artist that we'd like to pay special attention to is phenom Jdogg247. This young man is a true prodigy at everything he touches - his skills have been growing at a exponential rate. You'll find dogg is one funny, talented, skilled and social guy; he's involved all over the place - forums, contests, games, popular creations page, and great feedback on your own work. And all of his efforts, from ivories to camel hair, is spectacular: often (but not always) bit darker in spectrum, but full of heart, passion and lots of thought and depth. He just might even have the most creative bio page of all of them. If it's Aviary, our Jdogg is there, and we truly love and appreciate him.

Vectors and music are his main focus, as you will see.

Yes my friends, it is that time of year again. Anxiously awaited for by all Aviarians we are celebrating this year by having a challenge that requires you to ...wait for it...DRAW A BIRD. April 8th is Draw a Bird day, no really, read all about it here .

And Draw birds, you most certainly did :)
Just some of our faves...

New Aviary Homepage! What new homepage, you say?! Well read all about it (and try it out)in this great blog post by Avi.

Edit an Image, Get an Aviary t-shirt and more !

Way too many good entries to choose from, so we decided to pick 2 winners! Congrats to elbb and UniqueInTheory! See the rest of the amazing entries here!

Aviary provides an awesome set of free tools you can use to promote your creativity on the internet, if you want to. We've been seeing more and more artists using Aviary's suite of apps to make their own special place on the internet. We don't cater to spam (unless it's made by Hormel and fried for use in an awesome breakfast or for on a sammich), but we do really have a hunger for artists using the apps to create their own unique spot in the matrix.

Check out these two eggxamples available on the dub-dub-dub. They'll whet your appetite!

Tashuan16 on ReverbNation

Lunamatic at

Tip - Color Clipboard

Toucan has some great tools to organize colors with the Color Clipboard. After using the color formulas to grab a group of colors, you can push them to the clipboard to further refine them. Use the To Clipboard button to move the colors to the Clipboard below. The Clipboard is a temporary holding area for colors. The colors can then be further refined by using the filter sliders. Filter sliders are used to limit the range of samples. The three sliders control the Hue, Saturation, and Value ranges of the colors in the Clipboard. With the two handles you are able to adjust the starting point and an ending points of the visible colors. The check boxes to the right will invert the filters range.

Tool Tip - Hovering over any sample will bring up a tool tip with information about it. Double clicking on a sample will move it to the selected swatch in the palette.

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