The Weekly Birdbath for Aug 28th - Sep 3rd

August 28th - September 3rd


Here is an artist whom we admire for her versatility, imagination and great sense of humor. betsapp91is a talented vector artist who understands the concept of less is more. Her often minimalist drawings pack a powerful punch of originality mixed with whimsy. When you visit her gallery, you'll notice along with Betsy's Raven creations are some beautiful Peacock images. Bursting with color and motion, she's not afraid to jump in and see what she can make of those hubs. We enjoy getting a peek at her view of the world and can't wait to see what the future brings. Some favorites:

This weeks Challenge was set by bulinger96. In this challenge you are tasked to make a peacock masterpiece using only 2 hubs ! a hard one you might think, well judging by some of the images thus far, not so :) It just goes to show the power of Peacock. so come along and join the fun

Tip - Spiro Vertex Modes

The Spiro Curve tool in Raven is extremely handy for making smooth shapes. However you can also make straight lines in the Spiro curve by pressing the "2" key before you set a vertex or after from the right click context menu. The Spiro Curve has four other vertex modes mapped to the 1-5 keys, that will let you make complex curved shapes easily.