The Weekly Birdbath for Dec 11th - 17th

December 11th - 17th

Knock, knock! Who's there?! Twb6543 is in the house, wow-factoring you with a great set of mixes that keep getting better since he joined us on October 12 of this year. Listen to this poignant creation made out of Roc instruments mixed with Myna... it's better than chocolate mixed with peanut butter! Plus, if you hit the creation page, you'll also get an added bonus: lyrics! Record yourself singing along and send us your videos, peeps.


For this week's Graphic Artist of the Week, we went undercover. No, wait... undiscovered! But now skipkayhil is no longer hiding from us. We found him, ha ha ha, and you'll want to find your way to this amazing gallery of Raven vector art with some cool Phoenix and a feathering of Peacock thrown in for good measure. Be the first on your block to explore the wonders of this unexplored artist:

♫ Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! ♫ As we type this, it really is coming down here in the UK, New York, Canada and lots of other places we are - except Texas, Australia and the bat cave. So this seemed like the most appropriate challenge we could come up with: Let it snow, posted by Aviary user shadowcreator. We are suckers for a good snow image and there really are a lot of good ones to choose from as you will see! So why not add yours to the list of awesome snowy creations! :)

Just some of our faves...

Tip - Smart Layers

If you merge a couple layers while working with our online image editor, you may occasionally find afterwards that not all Alphas, Blend Modes, or Layer Filters look as expected. One solution to this problem is to use a Phoenix Smart Layer to create a group of layers that will retain all of their attributes, along with their editability (is that even a word?). Basically, Smart Layers are external files that act as a single layer within the original. All the elements are isolated so they're safe from accidental edits. Smart layers are a great way to organize files, protect layers, or add elements from our vector or effects editors.