The Weekly Birdbath for Dec 18th - 24th

December 18th - 24th


Have you ever been fascinated by watching a really good yo-yo performer? I wish I could do it. Yo-yo's are not your standard Duncan anymore. If you share my love of the yo-yo, you just have to visit the gallery of AK_thrower. He has a cool little series going called Yo-Yos in random places. The designs and colors of the modern yo-yo make for some really cool creations. AK_thrower is taking this pastime one step further by incorporating his passion into his Phoenix images. Check it out! A few of our favorites:

Thanks to cobra405 we had a chance to dress up our avatars for the holidays.
While you are checking out the challenge, listen to this great carol done marvelously by Styromus

Tip - Blackbox filters

One of the most useful features of the Aviary online image editing suite is Blackboxes! What are Blackboxes, you ask? Well, basically they're self contained filters that can be dropped into a file. A blackbox will give you access to all the effects it contains without having to set them up manually. They can open a world of possibilities. Novice users can gain from the expertly set-up blackbox of more advanced users, repetitive effect set-ups can be streamlined into a blackbox, or you can share your favorite effects with others. Take the blackboxes for a spin: open this file and change any image you import into a snow scene. How cool is that?!

Extra information about Blackboxes