The Weekly Birdbath for Dec 25th - 31st

December 18th - 24th

Seeking out new sounds, and new audio-ilizations? Tmoltuae set this ongoing challenge to externally record anything you want and then make it as unrecognizable as Worf in a petticoat, using Roc and Myna. Along with styromus, these enterprising two are the bold crew of the Starship Mynoc. See if you can get into the academy!


"Random and weird" is how artist crfaller describes his work. We'd also throw in smooth, gorgeous, colorful and maybe bizarre, depending on which creation you're viewing at the moment. Follow along with us into our mate from England's eclectic gallery of elephants and ants who popped one too many purple pills, missing skin, heavenly bodies and neon Twizzlers, to name a few!

Let's heat things up a bit; with all this cold weather, we know you could use some warmth. Unless, you're in, like, the Congo or... New Zealand! :) This "Burning..." Challenge was set by Greenman and we are loving the entries so far. Why not add some of your hot creations to the fire? :)

Some of our faves:

Bow-wowsers! Custom HTML5 Photo Editor stickers are now available for your favorite canine/feline friend. It's purr-fect!

Do WHUT? Turn your robot vacuum cleaner into an artist! Who knew?

Ka-Boom! These eggs stick to your pan... and everything else! Turn your Cr-48, bedroom, patio or teacher's desk into an unhatched Aviary. Limited free (just include a stamp!) supply - act now!

...And we would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and creative new year from all the staff and moderators at Aviary!

Tip - Switch Instruments

One great feature of our online music creator (Roc) is the ability to switch out entire instruments. When you switch instruments, all of your beats and patterns will be kept - now that is handy! To try it, click on the "Add All" button next to the instrument you want to switch to. You'll be warned about the switch, and after accepting you can listen to your beat coming from a different instrument. This is a fantastic way to get a new perspective on your beat!