The Weekly Birdbath for February 12th - 18th

February 12th - 18th

Roc Special Feature
By now, you've probably heard of all the excitement with our 30 Day of Roc festivities, plus the contests that Worth 1000 (our sister site) has going on - here's your chance to catch up!

For this week, we decided to feature a major contender in the contests. Aviary's own intelligent and cool stevenbrent, in the first 4 contests, got a 2nd place finish. YAY! Oh.. wait... and TWO 1st place finishes! Suh-WEET! Nice mixing! Here's his 1st place winner in the Birds + Kitchen Sink contest:

Myna Collaboration Feature
Aside from uber cool art tools renowned across the entire universe, Aviary is also known for other special aspects: in this case, learning and collaboration. Here's a very profoundly poignant, get inside your blood example of artists Roxymuahaha, Jdogg247, Greenman and styromus getting together to see what they can mix up in Myna... after realizing that the Roc instrument list is growing:


This round of "Artist of the Week" features one of our already favorite new Phoenix artists. In just five weeks, MCMarrs has created a gallery of masterful works of photo and resource manipulation. Inspired by the music he listens to and by well known cartoon artists, each image is superbly crafted, using an emotion-generating balance of opacity, blending, and an imaginative selection of stock photos. Prepare to be blown away by these inspiring and motivational creations!

The weekly blackbox releases are really producing some amazing works of art from you all, as this week's Mario's Paper BlackBox Challenge shows. so if you haven't added your paper creation to the list yet, now's the time to show us what you can do!

Just some of our faves:

This week's Blackbox, Bokeh, produces some cool abstract lighting effects.

30 Days of Roc #10: Vocal FX. Day 10 already, but that's ok - still 20 more to go yay! And don't forget, we're also running a contest for each instrument, where you can win $10-$50 iTunes gift cards!
Day 9:Vocal Jazz
Day 8: Singing Vowels
Day 7: Konokol and Tabla Bols
Day 6: Birds

Tip - Muted beats

Some of the notes in our online music creator (Roc) can have some sustain to them, meaning the note rings out for a longer time. This is especially true for some of the more melodic instruments like the Wood Flute or Jazz Guitar, but even things like the drum cymbals have some sustain. Luckily, there is an easy way to mute notes so they stop ringing out. When setting your notes, place a second note on the same track at the point where you want the original one to be muted. Then switch to Velocity Mode (just toggle from Beat Mode at the top of the window) and reduce the second note's volume to 0. Now the original note will be muted when it hits the second one. Brilliant!