The Weekly Birdbath for February 19th - 25th

February 19th - 25th

Roc Special Feature
By now, you've probably heard of all the excitement with our 30 Day of Roc festivities, plus the contests that Worth 1000 (our sister site) has going on - here's your chance to catch up!


If you know anything about geometry, you think pie are square, right? Well, this week's long overdue Artist of the Week goes to one of the best usernames we have ever seen - ilikepieyum, who is one very not square dude.

Pie joined us in 2009, and as his name implies, he's good at both main courses and desserts. Starting off with Phoenix, then moving swiftly on to Peacock and Raven, he soon got to grips with all of the apps. He has became a regular and a favorite face in the forum topics, challenges and games. Even further expanding the circumference of his skill sets, Pie now spends a lot of time in Myna and Roc. Pie also helps as a mentor, helping some of our new users out with the apps. Don't miss out on some real audio and visual delights: go check out his yummy gallery now!

This week's featured challenge is the 3D Blackbox Challenge set by randomworldz, who is also the creator of said 3D blackbox. It's a nice and simple to use blackbox that I think you will agree produces some stunning effects. So don't delay; add your 3D creations to this challenge today!

Just some of our faves:

We're halfway through 30 Days of Roc, where we release new Roc instruments EVERY day! We're also running a contest with each instrument, where you can win $10-$50 iTunes gift cards! Enter now to prove you're the Roc master!

Day 15: Church Bells
Day 14: Bells Hi, Mid and Lo
Day 13: Chimes Hi & Lo
Day 12: Thumb Piano
Day 11: Music Box

This week's featured blackbox is Simple Sketch, which will add a sketch texture to your image.

Tip - Event Options

There are some useful features you may not know about in the track options' Event menu. These commands can be found by clicking on the small circle in the top left corner of any Roc track, and they'll help you quickly add or remove events (beats) in a track.

Clear Events - Removes all the beats in a track so you can start again fresh.
Randomize Events - Sets a random number of beats in a track. This is a great way to get started when you're not sure where to start.
All On - Sets all beats in a track.

Use these features to jumpstart your creations, or just to speed up your workflow!

Hidden feature - Hold shift while clicking on the clear all beats button to set all the beats in the application.]]