The Weekly Birdbath for February 26th - March 4th

February 26th - March 4th

Roc Special Feature
By now, you've probably heard of all the excitement with our 30 Day of Roc festivities, plus the contests that Worth 1000 (our sister site) has going on - here's your chance to catch up!


Supermaneagleye is a long time user of Aviary, and it shows. His photo manipulation skills are incredible to behold; he's a Phoenix superhero! Using a mix of photos he shoots of himself and a few stock images, he creates a world of adventure. This world is usually filled with his leading character "Crow," who might be either a hero or villain; supermaneagleye leaves this part of the narrative up to us. I suggest you check out his incredible, inspiring work and follow the continuing adventures of Crow and his compatriots.

Some of our faves:

This week's challenge is an old one that has just popped back up to the top of the forum. Meowza's Coloring Contest is 2 years old now, but it's just as much fun now as it was then :) and with the newly released Phoenix updates it will be interesting to see what new effects you can all come up with!

Just some of our faves from way back when:

App Updates!! Major updates have just been released for Phoenix, Raven, and Falcon. Be sure to check out everything that's new!

Featured Blackbox: Randomworldz 3D Definitely try out this week's featured blackbox, created by the super talented Randomworldz.

30 Days of Roc this week

Day 20: Fretless Bass

Day 19: Acoustic Bass

Day 18: Hand Pan

Day 17: Copper Pan

Day 16: Steel Pan

Tip - Velocity Options

For those of you who might not know exactly what velocities are, they're essentially volume settings for each beat in Roc. They can add an extra layer of dimension to your loop by accentuating beats or muting them. You can access the velocity editor by clicking on the Velocity Mode button at the top of the application, and then set individual velocities by dragging up or down on the blue bars.

There are also some useful features in the Velocities menu under track options, which you can find by clicking on the small circle in the top left corner of any Roc track.

Reset Velocities - Sets the velocities for all beats in a track to their default level of 75.
Randomize Velocities - Sets a random velocity for each beat in a track. This is a great way to add dynamics.