The Weekly Birdbath for February 4th - 11th

February 5th - 11th

Our Roc feature this week comes from our favorite multi-talented chocolate meringue nomming artist, ilikepieyum himself. Taking advantage of the recently released "Animals" soundbank in Roc, he has mixed together a veritable menagerie of sounds in Myna. Rawr!!

And to tie in with the dramatic Roc goings-on lately, AYoung12 gives us a moving piece for you to listen to while you read the rest of this Birdbath. Featuring multiple track layering with different clips and superb panning effects, you won't have to draw straws (unless you want to in Phoenix) to wait your turn to learn - open it up for yourself to see how it's all done!


Pokémon fans hearken! Ninjazzy has some fantastic interpretations of the classic game. If you're a lover of vector art (and you will be after this), you'll also find some tribal style images, as well as some gorgeous portraits done Raven-style. We're so happy to have such wonderful work being created in between lots of school work and science meets!

We choose you, Ninjazzy!

There have been a number of really good challenges this week:

Peacock What If Challenge
Replicate an Album Cover
Challenge: Blackbox- Outliner

Understandably, it was too hard to chose just one to highlight, and we promise you're not going to want to miss any of them. So go and have some fun with them all! :)

Here are some choice pics from each:

Check out this week's featured Blackbox, Mario's Paper Texture.

And then catch up on 30 days of Roc, days 1-5:
Day 5:Animals
Day 4: Around the House
Day 3: The Kitchen Sink
Day 2: Body Sounds
Day 1: Human Beatbox

The Myna's Songbirds group is actively seeking participants for a big music collaboration project. Check it out if you'd like to work with others in mixing. Great way to learn as well!

Tip - Change Tempo

Those of you who are new to our music creator (Roc) may not know how easy it is to change the tempo. All you have to do is click and drag on the Tempo number in the upper left corner. Dragging upwards will speed the tempo up, while dragging down will make it slower. This is important if you want to mix your beats with the Quantum Track sounds in Myna. Just match the tempos of your beat with the tracks in Myna to ensure great-sounding mixes!