The Weekly Birdbath for Jan 15th -21st

January 15th - 21st

Remember a little while back when NaniSound absolutely blew us away with his HDTA mix in Myna? We've been eagerly anticipating his next project, and here it is! Yay! A super cool mix of electronic and live instruments - a project especially designed for Aviary using vocals from How To Destroy Angels plus his own interpretation. The Master of Myna has done it again.


(Sorry Redstar, we know you don't like this sort of thing, but you are fast becoming a hugely talented artist and an ambassador for everything Aviary so we're afraid you'll just have to get used to the spotlight and the flashing cameras!)

If you've never heard of Redstar, then you are in for a treat of the highest magnitude... and this will probably be the very first time you've ever seen Aviary, as well. :) Mild-mannered yet perky, supremely patient (except in the bat cave where we are constantly dodging breakable objects of great value), always a veritable fountain of tips, tricks, how-tos and friendly advice, handing out fave adds like candy at a Christmas parade, and she also happens to be a very funny person.

Yet above and beyond all that (we have to be nice since she's the only female moderator), Redstar is an exceptionally gifted artist extraordinaire. The familiarity and ease with which she uses all of the apps is stunningly breathtaking. She shows her mastery of the applications, jumping seamlessly between them all and coaxing the best from each one. You can see the care and time she has put into each creation, which is no small feat considering how much time she also puts into the community. Just how good is her art? Well, you do the math - 5809 stars as of the time of this writing, in a wonderful variety of topics and venues. Yep, almost 6000! Most of us could spend an eternity plus a week for extra credit trying to achieve that and fall utterly short.

It's a challenge to try to pick out only a few favorites, or even a hundred, so you'll just have to take a "must visit" to her gallery yourself... Behold the Empress of All Things Aviary:

(All of these images were created in one week! And every one worthy of the Hall of Fame.
This is why we couldn't resist recognizing Redstar as our artist of the week.)

Thank you, Red, for all that you do for the community, and for giving us a multitude of gorgeous creations to admire.

This week's challenge is actually quite an old one now, set by olevonpeter nearly a year ago. It has turned out to be one of our most popular challenges and crops up in the forum most weeks. The aim of the challenge is to create an egg using Raven and then decide on a theme for the next person's egg. This really is a never-ending great fun challenge, so come and add your egg to the box!

Some of our more recent faves:

...and i didn't say eggcelent once ;-)

A World of Imagination

Aviary 2011 Improvements

Tip - Screen Capture Anywhere

Did you know that Aviary has an online screen capture tool? Well we do, and it's awesome! Just visit Talon, our online screen capture tool, and enter the url of the page you want to capture. It'll wait 10 to 15 seconds for the page to finish loading, then take a snapshot. This is a fantastic trick if you're not on your regular computer and don't have access to our browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome. But wait, there's more - if you add in front of any website's URL, Talon will automatically take a snapshot of that site. (Try it, it's fun!)

Mind is officially blown!