The Weekly Birdbath for Jan 1st - 7th

January 1st - 7th

Collaboration is one of the most appealing aspects of Aviary that thousands of us enjoy. We can share how this works, using examples from two of our very exciting up-and-coming music artists, Uni93 and Twb6543.

When you make a creation, most likely you will allow other artists to make derivatives of that creation. This is great for learning, having fun, and getting to know one another.

Uni93 has created a driving rhythm out of different drum sets using Roc. Inspired by this, Twb6543 made a derivative by adding his own interpretation, and then mixing it in Myna. You can do the same thing!


This week we would like you to take a look at an artist who we think deserves a bigger following: Kioshi. Romantic, mystical, happy, dark, funny, we don't have just one adjective to describe this artist. She has a love of animals (wolves being a favorite), but in general her art has a wide range of subjects that show how diverse she is. When you visit her gallery, you'll see what we mean. A few of our favorites:

This week's challenge was set by cobra405. The inspiration for this challenge came from our sister site Worth1000 and their recent double-header 4 photoshop contest. Cobra thought all of the entries were just hilarious and extremely well done, and he knew you guys could do just as well using Phoenix - and so far you have not disappointed. So if you haven't already, why not join the fun and add your two-headed creature to the list!

Some of our faves:

It's National Bird Day! well it was on Wednesday in the Aviary Blog :)

And there was also this awesome Blog post spotlighting for one of our most favourite aviary artists Miafrand

Tip - Lock Shapes

An easy way to control selections in our online vector editor, Raven, is to use the lock feature. Locking a shape will prevent it from changing any of its properties, i.e. its location, scale or color. This really comes in handy for selections. If you have several shapes that are overlapping and only want to select some of them, locking the layers you don't want to select and then dragging a selection box around them all will only select the unlocked shapes. A very slick way of controlling selection. Not only can you toggle the locks on individual shapes, but you can also toggle them on entire layers of shapes!