The Weekly Birdbath for Jan 22nd - 28th

January 22nd - 28th

We're sure that by now most of you have noticed the wonderful artwork produced by our favorite yo-yo wielding dweller in the Land of the Midnight Sun (we like to call him AK_thrower for short), but it's a little known fact (say that like Cliff Clavin) that this dude is also a superb Myna recording artist! But now we will all know...

Since November, Thrower has been active in every aspect of Aviary, from art to music, forums and groups. His fantastic work in all scopes is descending on us with glacier-like force. Here's one of our favorites of his mixes that will get you ready to ski the double black diamond trails:


It's always a treat to feature one of our multi-faceted Aviary artists. stevenbrent is, in his words, a human being (ed note: not another zombie, thank goodness!) who's just happy to be here. We're really happy he's here, too! Steven has been flitting around the Aviary since December 9, and has already managed to put around 100 creations in his gallery - music and art both.

Using mainly Phoenix, his art gallery exhibits a variety of colors, custom textures and the natural world, blended minimally but beautifully into something surreal. Each piece is an attempt to reach his goal of doing as much as possible with as little as possible, and you will see that as you delve into his creations.

Here are some to get your journey started:

For this week's challenge we have gone deep, deep, deep into the depths of the challenge forum and found an old favorite that we think should be brought back to life. This Photogami Challenge was set by Redstar over a year ago now. This Raven challenge invites you to take a simple base object and construct an image from it. Copy/paste this shape over and over. Rotate, scale, move and color these pieces to create an image. This is a great way to get really good with Raven's transform tool. So why not treat yourself to some Raven fun?!

The base image:

And some of our faves:

Check out the new blog series where we highlight a Blackbox every week! This week's featured Blackbox is Glare.

New Group Alert! Groups are a great way for artists with similar interests, ideas and inclinations to flock together on the power wires to meet, collaborate and offer feedback.

One of our newer groups, formed less than four weeks ago, is called For the Musically Inclined (FTMI) and it already has 30+ members. The strengths of this group include honest critiques and evaluations of new music creations (Myna and Roc), a very friendly atmosphere, a group-specific game, and a library of great audio. Fly by and say hi!

The venerable mpeutz has released a new tutorial that shows how simple it is to use Blackbox filters. This should get everyone on track to follow the new Blackbox collection blog series, which will showcase a new Blackbox every week!

Tip - Combine Sounds

Did you know that you can combine multiple instruments in our online music creator Roc, to create songs with an orchestra of sounds? Select an instrument from the top of the sidebar, and all the sounds that are contained in it will be displayed below. Pick the sound you want to add to your file and drag it onto one of the tracks. You will see a green box showing where the clip can be dropped and a convenient message will let you know that the sound is loaded on the track. Repeat as needed - you don't have to stick with one instrument.

Now go mix and match sounds and make some incredible music!