The Weekly Birdbath for Jan 29th - February 4th

January 29th - February 4th

Our featured Myna music this week was mixed by yellowstar24, using excellent clip arrangement and layering. It's short, but very well done using QuantumTracks' library, and it's aptly named - it will either have you watching over your shoulder or searching for the key to that mystical, magical door.

And for our music maker, mujinroc has orchestrated a most enjoyable Roc beat that will get you jazzed about making your own music!


One of the most powerful things about Aviary is that even if you leave us for a while, you'll likely find it's in your blood and come back because you miss the art and community so much! After a long hiatus, ateitall is back in full force. He's been taking on challenges, educating us about different customs, and just overall creating fantastic and unique art using all of the apps. You'll find a wonderfully eclectic mix of vectors, effects and photo editing in his gallery. Hope you have an appetite, 'cause you'll eat this up!

This week's challenge goes along with Aviary's new blog series where we highlight a new Blackbox every week! Last week, the Blackbox we learned about was Glare, and this challenge gave lots of users the opportunity to see what it can do!

The challenge is to use Phoenix (yes, Phoenix) and any image you like, maybe a creation you have already made, to add a Peacock layer filter with the Glare blackbox to your image. This challenge has already produced some truly stunning creations, so why not add your stunner to the collection?

Just some of our faves:

30 DAYS OF ROC!!. Don't miss the excitement, we are releasing new sound banks for Roc over the next 30 days.

No Ad New York: Making an Ad-less Times Square a Virtual Reality.

This week's featured Blackbox is the Outliner, which you can use to create an outline from your images.

Tip - Tip - Trim Sounds

Here's a very cool feature of our online music creator (Roc) that you might not know about which lets you trim your beats. You can find it under the track option menu by selecting Sounds>Edit Sounds, and it'll work on all sounds: imported, recorded, and any of those in our library. It's a simple editor that lets you trim sound lengths by dragging the two end handles. You can preview and loop the sound to get the edits just right. Though it isn't a feature-rich editor, it will save you from having to open up clips in our audio editor (Myna) for simple edits.