The Weekly Birdbath for July 9th - 15th

July 9th - 15th, 2011
by Cobra405/Mizagorn/Redstar/Mpeutz

Back before the days of Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation... there was Atari, Vic-20's and even Colecovision. Catfishsaysmeow shows us what we automotons busted a move to when programming in Assembly Language...

Not a mashup, not a mix or edit of clips from other artists, not a top 40 hit that will pass - we believe this is ultimately one of the best truly original creations by an Aviary music artist. By now, we all know the wonderfully gifted artist known as styromus. Featuring a stunningly cohesive and intricate mix of Roc instruments and percussion edited and effected in Myna, Sunbeam is an amazingly uplifting example of the power and wealth that Roc and Myna have to offer. If you don't feel life pouring into you while listening, you might want to check your pulse...

There is a tournament going on as I type that is a first ever for Aviary and Worth1000. Six 2 artist teams, made up of one Worth1000 Photographer and one Aviary Peacock artist, are competing to create an image for the theme Love Notes. Voting is still open so make sure you go over to the Worth1000 contests to check out the great entries, and of course vote while you're there


It has been quite a while since we featured a musician as Artist of the Week... But what if, and how about, a Roc Artist? Is there anyone that good? We thought you'd never ask.

Uber-talented beat maker AlenVan has spent the last 3 months setting beats, adjusting velocities and selecting just the right library of ambient instruments to create some true ear candy. A wide variety of thoroughly enjoyable music styles is available right here in short loops that you will listen to over and over again. We're hoping that AlenVan will post his work in the Roc Beat Rookery for everyone to be able to share and use! Don't miss out on hearing even more.

If you haven't joined in the fun of this weeks Aviator's Challenge of the Week, do not pass go, do not collect $200.00. Go directly to the Awesome Fractal and BlackBox Challenge and show us your stuff! Posted by yours truly, watch for more Generator and Black Box challenges in the future. There is so much to explore in Peacock, so dive in if you are new, and learn as you go. Some of our favorites (but really they are all fantastic so it's hard to pick):

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A new tutorial from our very own Peacock_Feather shows us how to create amazing maps using Peacock and Phoenix. In 3 parts, its a must to see and do. You will love the results:

Part 1 Creating the mapPart 2: ColoringPart 3: Old Time Map

Tip - Quick Crop

Over the next few weeks, our weekly tips will be focusing on how to do quick, simple edits of your images with Aviary's tools!


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