The weekly Birdbath for March 13th-19th

March 13th-19th

Yggdraassilthis young French artist has an ever growing and wonderful gallery ! do yourself a favor and start at the beginning and do not stop until the end
Yggdraassilce jeune artiste français, a une gallerie grandissante et impressionnante; allez vite la visiter du début jusqu'à la fin!

Here is a great basic overviewof Aviary by Practical eCommerce. A good video to show anyone who whats to know how to get started with the suite.

Aviary has been integrated with Haiku Learning management system. Haiku's mission is too bring web tools to the classroom

Tip - Trim Unused Pixels in Phoenix

You can quickly trim away unused pixels in Phoenix. Start by using the Layer > Selection from Layer function on the largest layer. This will select all the pixels in that layer, excluding all unused or empty ones. Then use the Image > Crop to Selection to trim away the empty pixels.