The Weekly Birdbath for March 19th - 25th

March 19th - 25th

Roc, our music creator, allows you to create short bursts of very cool beats or music that you can incorporate into full-length Myna mixes. Here's a nice example by Zidane14, incorporating piano with Latin and techno drums that is not so far away from being a treat to get you into that trance mode.

What is a styromus? It's a combination of a love of coffee and music, of course! If you haven't heard of him yet, you will definitely be adding his mixes to your playlists, and telling all your friends as well. Here we have an example from him of the absolutely beautiful power that Myna has to incorporate external sources, lots of the new Roc instrument folders, and superb Myna editing and effects to create a magnificently moving piece that is eerie, child-like, pumping, and grungy all at the same time.

Hiding on Aviary.


One of the treats that we all enjoy at Aviary is watching a new artist's progression... learning and interacting in the forums, but even more so, a rapid rise in skill development that we follow and learn from. Browneyes joined us only this past October, yet in that short time she has gifted us with charm and an amazing and enthusiastic way of taking all of Aviary's tools to create a cornucopia of artwork and music that incorporates a wonderous variety of shapes, colors, textures, ideas and sounds. Be prepared to give out fave adds - we heartily recommend an exploration of the gallery that is browneyes' special. Get your moxy with Roxy...

This week's challenge, set by stevebfromco, is the Heavy Paint Blackbox Challenge. in Steve's words:
"Have you played with the Heavy Paint Blackbox yet? It produces some great looking images. Would you share something that you have run through the box? I would love to see some other images."
And we totally agree, so far your images are just beautiful and we would love to see some more :)

Some of our faves:

By now, we've all heard of the unfortunate and heartbreaking tragedy that recently occurred with our friends in Japan. Several of our artists have already created tribute art and comments that express our well wishes and hopes for a world-wide expression of condolences and help in recovery.

As some of you may know, our sister site Worth1000 has a new Aviary arena where we will be running regular contests based on using all of the Aviary apps. You'll be able to win Worth credits and trophies, and we'll also be showing the best of the best here in the weekly Birdbath!

Tip - Add Swatch

Did you know that you can save swatches with our color picker in Phoenix and Raven? This will make your favorite colors available every time you open the color picker during your creation session. To add a color swatch, first choose one either by customizing from the color area or by sampling from the workspace using the eye dropper. Then click the + to swatch button which will add the selected color to the color swatches below. Each color will be added in the order you save them. Clicking the arrow at the bottom will open the swatch panel, revealing all 102 color wells. Finally, if you want to clear all the swatches, just click the crossed button .