The Weekly Birdbath for March 26th - April 1st

March 26th - April 1st

Congratulations to madameava,yotambonehbait and Redstar for their 1st 2nd and 3rd places in the Peacock Minimalism: Play With Plaid! contest. Also congrats to Redstar, mpeutz and bisowski for their 1st 2nd and 3rd places in the Phoenix This contest. There are lots more contests starting all the time so come and win yourself some credits and trophies!


For this week, the Birdbath features something a little bit different than it usually does for Artist of the Week. We've added rhinestones and a filtered water pump! Yay!

All joking aside... considering the extra emphasis that Aviary has been placing on the music apps recently (think Rocapalooza and Worth 1000 contests for music), we have a special treat.

Coming to you from K-ROC FM in Cape Girardeau, MO... Indie artist Generisk is spinning Roc beats mixed in Myna that are truly worthy of the word "phenom." FX master Generisk (the name alone is cool!) has taken advantage of all the new Instrument Folders recently available in Roc, and has used Myna for some wicked effects to make some electronica music that will top the charts. Whatever you're listening to right now, turn it off... get your iPod ready to download, and tune in to these crazy good tuneages - from robotics to eerie sound effects. You'll thank us when you can say "Yep, I knew Generisk back when he was on Aviary."

This week's challenge has just popped back to the top of the forum after a very, very long leave of absence; in fact, it was the first Raven challenge ever! Some of your entries were outstanding way back then, so it will be very interesting to see how we have all grown in talent and skill. So come and join the fun in this Raven Mini Challenge # 1!

Some of our faves:

This week's Blackbox is The Color Newspaper, which will add some comic book goodness to your images.

Try out Parrot, the new voice control addition to all of our apps. It's way cool!

Simple Photo effects with Peacock | Getting started with Roc | Creating a Podcast with Myna | Cropping a captured image with Talon and Falcon | Creating and using color palettes with Toucan

Tip - Load Color Palettes

You can access your Toucan color palette, along with every other color palette saved to Aviary, from within Phoenix and Raven. Open the in-app color picker by double-clicking on any color control in the apps. From within the color picker, click the double arrow button at the bottom to open the palette importer. A fly-out panel will open where you can search for your palette. Type the name of your saved palette in the search box and press find. All the palettes that match your search will load in the slots below. To push a palette to the color picker, click the circle button next to the palette. Once a palette is loaded into the color picker, you'll have access to the colors every time you open the color picker.