The Weekly Birdbath for March 5th - 11th

March 5th - 11th

Roc Special Feature
By now, you've probably heard of all the excitement with our 30 Day of Roc festivities, plus the contests that Worth 1000 (our sister site) has going on - here's your chance to catch up!


Enthusiastically creating images and entering challenges since November, our new friend nevafall has already made a huge impression. Nevafall brings a great imagination to Aviary and cleverly uses all the apps, which is why this week we celebrate the creative mind of an awesome addition to our flock. Nevafall, neva stop making these great images! Your unique outlook is inspiring. Some of our favorites:

This week's challenge turned out to be more popular than its creator Redstar could have imagined, and some of the creations that you have all been producing are seriously mind blowing! The challenge is to create an Alien landscape. No rules, any app, just let your imagination fly!

And wow, what an imagination you all have:

This week's featured blackbox is the Gradient Shaper. It's designed to give your gradients different shapes, but no one will blame you if you try it out on other things...

30 Days of Roc

Day 25:JP Pad
Day 24: Arp Saw
Day 23: SH Synth Bass
Day 22: JP Synth Bass
Day 21: Funk Bass

Tip - Sound Options

The functions found in the sound section of the options menu in Roc will give you some useful controls over each track. These functions will let you modify the sounds in your mix.

Replace sound - This function will open the record module where you can record sounds to use in your mix.
Remove Sound - This function will clear the sound from the mix and leave the track empty.
Rename Sound - Here you can rename the title of any track.
Edit Sound - The Edit Sound function will open the Sound trimmer. From there you can trim the start or end of any sound.

All of these options give you more control over your mixes. Explore all of them to make some incredible beats!