The Weekly Birdbath for May 14th - 20th


May 14th 20th by Cobra405/Mizagorn/Redstar/Mpeutz




The Aviary app-based contests featured by sister site Worth1000 are getting increasing attention by everyone outside the nest. And for good reason, as you can see! From left to right, you'll see Redstar's Blackbox Funhouse #1 winner, cobra405's Phoenix This! #2 entry, and mpeutz's #2 submission to Blackbox Funhouse.


Now, we're not trying to promote sibling rivalry or anything... more like sibling symbiosis. So here's your chance to jump in and see what you can do. It's free, and you get lots of bling to sling!

Currently open contests:

Aviary encompasses many very cool things. Since we're discussing Artist of the Week here, we'll just mention one: the power of collaboration. We even have a forum category for it!


So this time, something a little different: How about Artists of the Week? Yep, some of our top music artists Jdogg247 and styromus have collaborated on a stunning piece of music using only Roc's native instruments and Myna for editing and mixing in effects.

These two guys have been featured before, and for good reason: their music is in the upper echelon here at Aviary. On a joint effort spanning three weeks, our amazing audio adepts worked tirelessly together (wow!) to bring us a result that is even greater than the sum of its parts. It took patience, messaging, trading suggestions, making derivatives, sharing credit, hard work, and overcoming differences in schedules to come up with a new benchmark in Aviary musical creativity.

Featuring a masterful blend of Roc instruments, lots of cool effects and clip reversals in Myna, this is an emotional, starkly beautiful and soul clinching piece you'll sure to add to your playlist.


yellowstar24 set up a yummy Peacock challenge for us. Your mission: do whatever you want with a strawberry! The resulting recipes are delicious, as you can plainly see. Pass the yogurt!



It's time for some simple reflection... Oh wait, we're talking art here, not meditation! Here's how you can add a really cool mirror-ized, sitting on the shore, and extremely professional effect to your art, using Peacock.

Simple Reflection Blackbox

Tip - Raven Smart Layers

Our online vector editor (Raven) has smart layers which allow you to create, edit and mix resources from our other apps on the fly. Raven's Smart Layers have similar functionality to Phoenix Smart Layers, but the workflow is slightly different.


There are two ways to create Smart Layers in Raven. The first is to add a blank Smart layer by using either the New Phoenix Layer or New Peacock Layer from the Layers option menu. The second method is to push an existing path to the secondary app. To use this method, you must first convert the shape/path to a bitmap. Then use the Edit with Phoenix or Edit with Peacock commands found within the layers option menu.

Hint: If your Smart Layer does not automatically update when you switch back to Raven, try moving the layer. This will force the layer to update.