The Weekly Birdbath for May 21st - 27th


May 21st - 27th by Cobra405/Mizagorn/Redstar/Mpeutz


There is so much happening in the Aviary arena this week! We have a new Contest Schedule for a start, so now you'll all know when your fave contests will be starting week to week!


Do you want to enter but don't know how? No problem, have a tutorial on us :)

Then there are the contests, running at this very moment:

Roc out Myna! for all you music lovers, not to be missed!

Color this 1 for the Phoenix lovers.

Peacock: Shape Draw for the Peacock lovers (I guess that would be everyone)

Special congratulations to last week's winners: Tygerson for first place in the ScribblerToo + Aviary contest. darynthe for 2nd place in the Peacock: Coons Patch Minimalist contest.

And last but by no means least, a huge congratulations to ivanildowallace for a truly awesome trifecta (!!!) in the Raven: Kawaii 1 contest! (what's a Trifecta you say? It means 1st 2nd AND 3rd!)



One of our more recent additions to the flock and artist to watch is the talented Alpha13Wolf. Diving into Peacock with passion and a great eye for pattern and texture, his gallery is filling up with images that explore the secrets within. But he doesn't stop there. We love his Toucan pieces and the way he make them pop off the page. Finally, to no one's surprise, he is a musical talent as well. Listen to the below compositions while you check out his gallery for fun and inspiration. Some of our favorites:

Challenges galore in the forum this week! Take your pick; all of these challenges are just awesome!


Minimalist Challenge!! posted by maya6 is just one of great Peacock challenges at the moment. Others include the Minimalist Peacock challenge: Perlin Noise and Angle Map and the Abstracted Peacock Challenge!

Just some of our faves:


Imgur integrates Feather offering additional editing functionality. Add photogfraphic borders to your images with this weeks Balckbox. For all the developer types we just made some improvements to our APIs.

Tip - Peacock Smart Layers Our effects editor Peacock can use Smart Layers just like the other image editing applications. However, Peacock will handle them a bit differently since it is a non-destructive editor. This means that any resources that are used with the application will not have their pixels permanently altered, so they all retain their editability. Thus, there is no need to convert these resources before editing them in Peacock, which makes it a great application to use as the main hub for your Smart Layers.


There are two ways to create and use Smart Layers in Peacock. First is to open the Resources sidebar and select an new Phoenix Resource, New Peacock Resource or New Raven Resource and pressing OK. This will open a second application in its own window in which you can create your resource. The second way is to choose Import Resource from the Resource sidebar or from the File menu; this will open the import area. From there, go to the Aviary tab and choose a Phoenix, Peacock, or Raven file and it will be imported as a Smart Layer.


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