The Weekly Birdbath for Nov 13th - 19th

November 13th - 19

Myna Mix of the Week:

Gamers, heads (or ears) up! This mix by Kyodragon is pure headphone/surround sound nirvana. Fast and intense, with that characteristic wireless controller synth background, and mixed so well you can't tell it's multi-layered. Get your OCD on with this one!

Roc Music of the Week:

We don't mean to harp on this, but Roc can let you make some really beautiful beats using the built-in set of instruments, or even your own that you import. Then you can mix together and add/edit effects in Myna for a truly original audio creation. Here's a soothing example by magemi that shows you how easy it is to make something heavenly.


Sharp angles, great action and a color palette that is deliciously dark, the creations in Rock-Well's Raven-created action packed mountain boy series are rapidly being added to our favorites. Using a unique perspective and a style all his own, we anxiously wait for each new plot twist. If you are not familiar with Rock-Well, now is the time to join in the fun as we traverse this craggy ominous world. Some favorite creations:

This week's challenge was set by SigneRobertson. It's a great beginner's challenge for anyone just starting to use Phoenix. In her words:

There are a bunch of interesting, creative challenges going on, but I figured it would be interesting to see how well we can perform the very basics, such as changing the color of this frog and making it look realistic. Sometimes when we focus on making wondrous, complicated works of art, we might notice we forget how to make simple things look real!

This is an awesome challenge for anyone and everyone to have a go at! Here are some of our faves...

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