The Weekly Birdbath for Nov 20th - 26th

November 13th - 19


This week's artist is someone who has captured our fancy with wonderful sketches and paintings in Raven and Phoenix. Y100 has the ability to capture a scene and evoke emotions with a minimum of brush strokes and shapes. You will love the little romantic images; some of our favorites are those taken from everyday life. In addition to creating images, Y is also an accomplished Myna musician. Celebrate Y100's great minimalist style with us - it will make your day! Some favorite creations:

Once again, Redstar has come up with another awesome peacock challenge. It always amazes me how you can all come up with such wonderful pieces of art with so little to work with! This one is a little more open ended, but you still start with just three hubs (Simple Shape, Wave Generator, and Displacement). I really enjoyed this one and I know you will too, so come and join the fun!

Just some of our faves....

Don't forget to check out our newest bird in the flock.

Tip - Brush parameter trick

There is a neat trick that will let you adjust brush parameters in Aviary's online image editor on the fly. Open the brush tool window - this is where you can set the size, alpha, and hardness of the brush. Select the brush property you want to have adjustment control over by clicking in the textbox for that parameter, and use the up and down arrows on the keyboard to adjust it. Now you can draw on the canvas without deselecting the parameter, letting you work without having to reset the tool every time you want to make adjustments. This trick also works with many other tools' parameters!