The Weekly Birdbath for Nov 6th - 12th

November 6th - 12th

This week's featured music is by styromus, who found Aviary over a year ago, but just recently remembered we were here! :)

Thank goodness for that, because his work in making Myna mixes using mostly Roc beats is just phenomenal. This selection features the dulcimer (from the Graeco-Roman for "sweet song"), a beautiful instrument used around the world for over 2000 years. Do not pass up this opportunity to get "hammered" with this sweet mix!


One of the most amazing photographers on Worth1000 just happens to be one of our favorite Aviary artists. Madameava'sphotographs are rich with textures and shapes, but it's her angles that grab your attention. Often using her photographs in her Aviary art, Ava is having a great time learning Peacock and expanding the realms of her vision of the world. Browsing her galleries in both Aviary and Worth1000, you will not only see beautiful art, you will learn a lot about what makes an image great. Some favorite creations:

This week's featured challenge is Wallpapers, set by yotambonehbait. In his words:

Make anything using one of the visual apps, preferably raven or peacock. It has to be desktop wallpaper size (720x1280, 1080x1920 or anything in between), and it has to be something that you would set as your wallpaper (public appeal).

I must confess I missed this first time around so I'm off to join in the fun and maybe get myself a new wallpaper :) Why don't you join me!
Some of our faves:

Tip - Select covered layers

If you've ever tried selecting layers that are underneath others, you probably know it can be a little frustrating. Luckily, there's a neat trick to make this task painless in our online image and vector editors. If you right click on a group of layers in your file, the context menu will display all the layers that are under the point that was clicked. From there, you can select any layer you want!