The Weekly Birdbath for October 2nd - 8th

October 2nd - 8th

Roc Beat Mix of the Week

Newcomer DeeeeDz has created a very, very good mix in Myna - using only music created with Roc. Featuring balarimba, hammered dulcimer, harp, piano and jungle-like percussion, listening to this is a fantastic way to get inspired to create your own original beats!

Myna Mix of the Week

NEPatriots2022 gives us something decidedly different with this fun Myna mix. A collection of samples of everyday noises and musical instruments, you'll get a smile out of this amusing "story"!


Since January 9, 2009, biblekid1 has been wowing us with stunning vectors, effects and image edits in a massive variety of themes. With over 5 pages of starred creations, he is quickly making his way to the magic "500" mark - currently sitting at 434 favorites! And for good reason, as you will see. bk1 is a definite Aviary favorite, active and helpful in forums with kind words and a great imagination. Our thanks for making the Aviary community an even better place! Here are just a few of our many favorites:

Peacock Challenge: Circles Only
Redstar set this week's big (but easy!) challenge.
"Title speaks for itself, the only shape you can use is circles. No limitation on the hubs. DO NOT post any old images. New ones only or its not a challenge, right?"

Well, we have been running in circles since then, with only minimal rule bending and cheating (by two of the moderators, no less!). Here's a sample of the wonderful art created by this challenge so far (remember, challenges have no expiration date!):

This weeks tutorial was written by Basic tutorial for tracing with Spiro Spline. He steps you through the process of tracing a complex shape with the Spiro Spline tool.

Tip - Link Accounts

You can make sharing your awesome Aviary creations easier when you link sites. Aviary accounts can be linked to Facebook, Flickr, Soundcloud, and more. Once you have your accounts linked, you can share your creation directly from the dialog when saving your creation. To link sites, go to your linked accounts page. From there, just put in your account information for easy sharing and automatic logins!