The weekly Birdbath for October 30th - November 5th

October 30th - November 5th

Jdogg247 gives us one of the most masterfully mixed pieces we've heard in a while. Piano, strings, guitars, special effects - a driving but beautiful work of audio art in a multitude of deliciously meshing styles. If you are at all interested in creating music with Myna, you seriously need to open this one up and explore.

An inspirational creation by Er1c, one of our very gifted Roc artists, shows us how truly classic, timeless and beautiful a piano by itself is. A take-a-look-at example of how Roc can be both powerful and elegant at the same time.


We have all watched ilovedinosaurs7's art grow in his impressive gallery. Adept in Peacock, Phoenix and Raven, he now takes center stage among us. What is remarkable about ilovedinosaurs7 is his sense of humor and ability to tell a story in just one frame. Go back in time to his gallery, and we guarantee you'll see great art that will put a smile on your face! Some favorite creations:

One of the most interesting forum topics this week has been a game called King of the Hill - composerjb's digital art version of the classic children's game. Bombs and castles, insects and airplanes, potions and magic, peace and assassins, cupcakes and tomatoes (yes, even food - omnomnom!)... it's all there. Follow along in this dramatic and epic soap opera, and then create your own addition to the storyline. Aviary's must-see TV! :)

Everyone loves a cool peacock challenge, and this one set by Redstar is just that. It's very minimalist, which in turn makes it quite easy (well, sort of!): using only four hubs, create something wonderful. So come and join the fun! Here are just some of our faves....

Tip - Recording Sounds for Beats

Aviary's online music creator Roc has a large library of sounds to use in your creations. However, you can also record and create with your own custom sounds! Create beat box sounds, record alternate instruments, or just experiment with different sounds. To record a sound in Roc, open the option menu by clicking the gear button at the left corner of the track. Navigate to Sounds>Replace Sounds, which will let you open the sound recorder. After authorizing the application to use your mic, you can record custom sounds for your beats!