The Weekly Birdbath for Sep 11th - 17th

September 11th - 17th


This week we are showcasing a new member/vector artist ofserenity. His beautiful gradients and unique drawing style immediately captured our attention. Welcome ofserenity to our growing flock and visit his gallery to show your support. You will enjoy the view. Some favorites:

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This weeks challenge is actually a old one that was started 2 months ago by bulinger96. There are some very awesome images and people are still posting. The challenge is make an image that represents chaos and to "make it so a lot is happening with no specified order."

This is a tutorial you may have seen in the forums but now it is cleaned up and presented in the tutorial section.

Converting Pencil Drawings to Line Art

Tip - Compound Path

There is a very handy option in the trace function in our online vector editor Raven that can easily be overlooked. The ability to output compound paths! This is a hugely useful feature for those who are stacking multiple traces and want to see through them. Essentially a compound path will leave the white space in a trace transparent. The Compound path setting is accessable in the Noise Reduction settings of the Black and White Trace. In the example below the same gradient fill was applied to both images with different results.