The Weekly Birdbath for Sep 18th - 24th

September 18th - 24th

tmoltuae joined us very recently, this past August 23rd. In that short amount of time, she has become super proficient at Roc, and has put an astounding 16 different Roc beats into an amazingly beautiful Myna mix. As you listen to this aptly named creation, close your eyes (unless you're doing a tutorial!) and imagine the water falling from the heavens onto your upturned face (as you're going past the entrance to Scarborough Faire...).


This week's artist of the week is everybody's favorite Texan, musician and digital artist, our friend and co-Aviator, mizagorn. Not only is he a musician in "real" life, but his grasp of Myna and Roc has led him to discover some amazing talent to share with us. Right now, though, we want to talk about his art. In his words, "I came to Aviary looking for a free tool to do some kind of goofy picture with." Well, the goofy didn't last long. Thinking he would concentrate only on Myna, Terry ended up falling in love with all the apps. His undiluted passion to learn, so that he can put a visual face to his artistic ideas, is unparalleled. Much to his surprise, he stumbled onto a site that not only embraces his enthusiasm, but sends it back with the same spirit. Terry, thank you for everything you contribute to the site. Some favorite mizagorn creations:

and a little music to go with them:

Perhaps this week's most interesting challenge was the one set by maya6. She described the International Scientists' night, then set a theme for one of our favorite subjects: space. (Yes, we're all geeks, go ahead and admit it to yourself.)

In her words: "so today i had an inspiration to create some new stars to our solar system -
i want everyone to select tool of use (-peacock is a very handy tool when you are creating stars..=]) and then create your star , name it and tell us what kind of a planet is this ( hot , cold or mybe a planet for the people of earth - be creative ! =] "

Here is a selection of the original work designed just for this challenge (the response has been so good that at the time of this writing, 4 of the top 5 popular creations are from this challenge!).

Tip - Textured Fill

You can quickly create a seamless background texture in our online image editor, Phoenix. First import your seamless tile and select it with one of the selection tools. Next, use the "Define Pattern" function under the Select menu to set it as the foreground fill. Then use the paint bucket tool to fill the canvas with the new pattern.