The Weekly Birdbath for Sep 3rd - 10th

September 4th - 10th


Every once in awhile an artist will stand out not only for their talent but also for their enthusiasm. eleanor_rigbyis a such an artist. Her contributions to the forums, challenges and the community is a breath of fresh air. Her bright and colorful images match her disposition and her desire to learn is an inspiration to us all. If you don't know eleanor_rigby, drop by her gallery you will leave with a smile. Some favorites:

What would his paintings look like if Vincent VanGogh was alive today and creating digital art? Well this weeks challenge, presented by betsapp91, provides us with an awesome line drawing of Starry Night to color in the app of our choosing. Check out the Color me challenge and join in the fun.

Tip - Spiro Vertex Modes

The selection tool in our online audio editor Myna is very handy when you wan to edit a clip precisely. Start by choosing the select tool in the upper right area of the application. Then draw directly on the clip to make a selection. Finally choose the function you want to perform from the edit menu. Trim to selection which will remove the area outside the selection, Split at Selection which will divide the clip at the ends of the selections, and Delete which will remove the selection.