The Weekly Birdbath July 10th - 16th

July 10th - 16th

Can a song be both relaxing and upbeat? Akuma296 says "yes!" She proves it by naming this thoroughly enjoyable Myna mix "Together Forever".


Greenman came to Aviary on May 29, 2009, not really knowing much about the apps, but - did he ever have a desire to learn! Playing with Peacock and Phoenix has allowed him to produce amazingly original images that are thought-provoking and fun to look at.
Nowadays, he's active in lots of forum topics and challenges, offering awesome feedback and eager tips. Plus, our GM has become quite the master at "egg wrapping" as you can see from his "Moo Egg" (middle shot) and other egg-cellent creations. If you aren't familiar with his work, or want to know more about how to be Green, just visit his gallery and take a look around. There is so much more to this multi-faceted individual than what we've shown you here.
As the Greenman says: "Still tryin' to learn all this stuff...but it's fun!" We agree that this is what Aviary is all about. :)

This weeks challenge is from Maya6. She challenged us to use the new animation feature in Peacock. Join in on the fun

Importance of Color - Beginner - Raven

Importance of Space - beginner - Raven

Complex Illustrations with Simple Shapes - beginner - Raven

Highlight Objects

One amazing feature in Raven that may be overlooked is the highlight path function. With the Edit Paths by Nodes tool selected, any path you hover over will get a green highlight. When it is highlighted you can select that specific path by clicking. This means you can use the tool to easily select an object in a stack of many, as long as a little portion is visible.