The Weekly Birdbath July 24th - 30th

July 24th - 30th

After only two weeks being an Aviary member, Rootstorm has demonstrated an amazing ability to take advantage of all the capabilities Roc has to offer: creating derivatives, utilizing volume and panning controls, and using multiple instrument groups - the acoustic drum kit, 12 string guitar and piano. Truly inspirational!

Open it in Roc and loop it while you're working on your own creations. It's short, but it is oh so sweet.


Long overdue, this spotlight forTinkawill show you how creative and talented an image editor she is. Showing a sense of humor and a style all her own, her Phoenix skills are impeccable, her imagination unlimited. Tinka's talents also include remarkable Raven skills. Allow our favorites to whet your appetite, and visit Tinka's gallery to appreciate this very talented artist

Two challenges this week the first by Redstar a Peacock challenge Minimalist challenge: time to play with plaidand the second by Staff wandercreatures a Raven challenge DIY Monkey Challenge Two very popular and fun challenges so come and join in the fun.

Peacock -- Selective randomization of properties

You can selectively randomize hub properties in Peacock. Open the parameters tab in the property panel and under the Rnd column check the parameters you would like to be included into the randomization. Now when you click on the randomize button it will only affect the parameter you have checked.

Note: Press the Rnd button at the top of the column to un-check all the parameters