The Weekly Birdbath July 31st - August 6th

July 31st - August 6th


This weeks artist of the week is a relatively new vector artist namedYinyang_1. Although he considers himself inexperienced, we are quite impressed and delighted with his natural affinity for Raven. Certainly an artist to watch, each new creation shows how he learns and extends his skills into the next image. Citing the works of Mpeutz and Meowza as inspiriation, we believe he will inspire all who see his art. Stop by his gallery, leave him a comment so he will continue to create his beautiful vector art. Some favorites:


Staff Picks Are Back!

This weeks challenge is Coons Patch challenge set by redstar. Mario has made a change to the guides that determine the shape of the Coons Patch. The change gives us much more control and this is a real fun challenge so come on in and join the fun

Simple Character Design - Raven - Beginner
How to Make the Aviary Egg Papertoy - Raven - Beginner

Tip - Nudge objects

You can move or nudge objects with the arrow keys in Phoenix and Raven. Each press of the arrow key will move the object 1 pixel in the direction of the arrow. While holding down the shift key the object will be moved 10 pixels. This is useful when you want to offset several objects by the same amount.