The Weekly Birdbath June 19th - 25th

June 19th -25th


Energy flying, colors leaping, music blaring,randomworldzart is addictive. Shapes twisting and changing as the mood strikes him, music plays a big part of what comes out of Peacock when randomworldz starts creating. You've got to see this very impressive artist. Some favs:

This weeks featured challenge was set by me :)So why no try out your photo editing skills, join the fun and Phoenix This

Check out this Time-lapse video of the amazing ROA, painting birds at the Aviary HQ.

A few updates this week to the site brought us integration of Roc/Myna, Local Recording, and Soundclound linked accounts. Read More.

Aviary is moving it help site to an easier to manage and update system. Check it out at

Tip- Mute notes in Roc

Some of the notes in our online music creator can have quite a bit of sustain to them, especially some of the more melodic instruments like the Wood Flute or Jazz Guitar. There is an easy way to mute notes so they stop ringing out. To do this place a second note (event) on the same track where you want the original one to be muted. Then switch to Velocity mode and reduce the second notes volume to 0. Now the original note will be muted when it hits the second one.