The Weekly Birdbath June 26th - July 2nd

June 26th - July 2nd

shyun17 joined the Aviary community on March 8, 2010 and has already started producing some amazing quality mixes in Myna. This one is our favorite (so far!), and it will make you want to give your worst enemies a great big hug and a pat on the back. Listen to this short but stunningly beautiful creation, then go share your smile with everyone around you:


Having a little over three pages of creations (161 at last count), maya6 has already accumulated a seriously impressive 329 favorite adds: a little over 2 stars per creation, an amazing feat in and of itself. She's ready and willing to jump into any Peacock challenge, often posting more than one creation in each. Yet Aviary's favorite of her works is the goldfish scene made in Phoenix shown below, proving her diversity as well. Maya can doodle a couple of sticks and a circle in Falcon, and turn it into a stunning piece of Peacock eye candy. Bright, vivid colors and intriguing special effects are her specialty, making you impatient to see what she's going to come out with next. Rather soft-spoken (in fact we couldn't find anything on her profile page!)... but when she does speak, you can tell how excited she is to be creating magnificent art. Be sure to check out all of her wonderful creations - you'll leave with a smile in your heart! Just a few of our favorites:

This weeks featured challenge is redstar and she has also just posted Let's make gradients in Ravenso come along and join the fun.

Changing Eye Color - Phoenix - Beginner
Extraction (Removing an Object) - Phoenix - Beginner
Bezier Curves - Raven - Beginner
Shape Building with Flat Color - Raven - Intermediate
Illustrate Using Only Opacity's - Raven - Intermediate

Tip - Duplicate Layer Shortcut

There is a quicker way to duplicate layers in Phoenix than having to find the command buried in the menus. While holding the Control (Ctrl) key, drag and drop the layer you want to duplicate. When you are dragging the layer there will be a green plus icon next to your cursor to show that the dropped layer will be a duplicate.
Note: this does not work on empty layers.